Bigger, Better, and Bulkier!

EMS Jacket

We’ve updated our ambulance squad jackets, and I’m doing the logo embroidery on the back.  If we’d had them commercially embroidered by the supplier they would’ve been out of our price range, so I am doing them a bit cheaper for the squad.  The embroidery isn’t difficult – it’s getting them on my machine that is giving me grief.  The jackets are bulkier, even with the fleece lining removed.  There is a finite amount of space on my machine and a seemingly infinite amount of jacket to be stuffed around the arms and carriage.  In addition, the size of the logo dictates that I hoop it three times.  No wonder the supplier balked at doing twenty of these.  I’ll also be doing name tags with Velcro backing, but the weather is delaying my progress.  My supplier for the Velcro is located in Ohio, and this is the second day in a row that UPS has cancelled operations in that state.  I was hoping to have all the jackets done by the 16th (our next squad meeting), but I may have to collect them up in the spring to finish the nametags.  These jackets are considerably warmer than our old ones and I don’t want to delay getting them to the squad when our temps are consistently below zero.  Unfortunately people still get sick and need the ambulance, no matter the temperature.

The flu is making its rounds; we’ve seen several confirmed cases at the clinic and the hospital.  I hope you’ve all received your flu shot!

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